Scan your ears

using hands 

Audiology clinic in one device, eardoctor gives you access to first in the world fully autonomic process in consultations, diagnosis, and treatment in tinnitus or hearing loss


Just insert your hand into the scanner, and wait few seconds.

Watch video above 



After the test is done, eardoctor will give you a new generation of headphones perfectly matched to your ears that will perform hearing tests with neuroscience measurements.





Download application with AI audiology consultation that will guide you through the process


Get your hearing test kit

Our device combines different functions. After scanning, the operating system is looking for the right headphones in the magazine below the scanner. When the system finally finds the right size fit your scan image the platform slides out to give you your hearing test kit.






See below what to do next


Open the kit and take out the headphones


Using the application pairs your headphones with your mobile phone or tablet


After performing AI audiology consultation put your CIC headphones into the ears to measure your hearing using 20 kHz audiogram.




Headphones for tests/ treatment

Hearing aids

Mark the level of the tinnitus during the day on the scale​

Controle panel




Hand scanner


08:00  12:00  22:00

Hearing kit platform



Headphones magazine

with different sizes

AI audiology doctor 

performs excellent interview analyzing your answers at the same time using access the most advanced current knowledge in neuroscience, neurochemistry, and audiology.





Clinical hearing test up to 20 kHz

Auditory cortex reorganization test

and more. 

3 device in 1

Hearing measurement tool

The tinnitus treatment

Hearing aid



Our application with AI system and earphones  can preform audiology consultation, diagnosis and treatment.



Artificial intelligence recognizes your feelings by dopamine, serotoniny level using True-Brain- Receptor algorytm 


It's time

to solve your problem.

Start the treatment

If your consultation and test end successfully you can easily transform your headphones into hearing aid or the tinnitus treatment.

Just push one button and application will reprogram settings of headphones.

In 2025 EarDoctor will replace 78% of all current audiology clinics.

No more waiting on audiology consultations and looking for advanced help or professionals over the country.

EarDoctor lower costs of running standard clinics to the maximum at the same time lowering the cost of consultations, diagnosis, and treatment price, making it more affordable for everyone.



Today, the best hearing aid with 12 kHz amplification costs 3500 $. Our hearing aids provide 20 kHz amplification for 500$ 

Easy steps to preform for every one

1. Locate the nearest EarDoctor and go there


2. Scan your hand to receive a hearing test kit with advanced headphones set that are perfectly matched to your ears


3. Perform hearing test and AI audiology consultations using our application and headphones.


4. Get the test results along with treatment recommendations and recognition.


5. Change your headphones by one touch of a button into the treatment device for the tinnitus or hearing aids that will use AI recommendation and hearing test results for automatic adjustment of settings.






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